4 Christmas leftover ideas that are low in FODMAPs and great for the whole family!

4 Christmas Leftover Ideas that are low in FODMAPs and great for the whole family!

Monash FODMAP Team, 26 December 2015

If your family is fed up with traditional leftovers this Boxing Day, here are some twists to keep them interested:

1.Mexican – fill gluten free quesadillas or wraps with leftover roast meats and salad. Jamie Oliver’s Boxing Day Quesadillas are super easy and low FODMAP when created with gluten free quesadillas, but note cranberry sauce has yet to be tested – use a small amount to test tolerance or substitute with strawberry jam. 

2.Pasties –Jamie Oliver recommends using leftover vegetables from your roast dinner to fill gluten free pasties – a great idea to get the kids interested in eating their veggies! Substitute leek in this recipe for chives or the green tips of spring onion. 

3.Skewers –thread skewers with leftover ham and canned pineapple chunks and grill until heated through. 

4.Rice paper rolls – leftover meats can also be used to fill sheets of rice paper. Taste’s turkey ricepaper rolls are a great example of this, combining shredded leftover turkey with rice vermicelli noodles, snow peas*, carrot, peanuts and mint in rice paper sheets.

*Fun facts – 5 snow peas are low in FODMAPs and should be tolerated by most individuals with IBS.

Handy hint – involve the kids in meal preparation or bring the ingredients to the table for self-assembly. This encourages picky eaters to be interested in food and interact with new foods.
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