A ‘Low FODMAP Dream’ - The UK’s First low FODMAP Ready Meals

Field Doctor ready meals

Sasha Watkins - Registered Dietitian and Co-Founder of Field Doctor, 24 March 2021

Field Doctor launched the UK’s first low FODMAP ready meals this January and are a welcome addition to our Monash University low FODMAP certified™ programme. Field Doctor combines nutritional science with sustainable sourcing to create delicious healthy frozen meals. Co-founded in 2020 by food entrepreneur Martin Dewey and registered dietitian Sasha Watkins, the food is brought to life by Michelin-trained chef Matt Williamson. Out of their current range of 19 meals, 8 meals are suitable for anyone following the low FODMAP diet and the response from IBS sufferers has been phenomenal. We spoke to Sasha from Field Doctor to find out more.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you started Field Doctor.

We wanted to help people feel better and reach their health goals, without compromising on taste or the planet, and in the most convenient way possible. As a dietitian working with IBS sufferers, I often saw patients struggling with their symptoms whilst trying to come to grips with the low FODMAP diet. It’s not uncommon for sufferers to have highly restricted diets and to be fearful of many foods that could trigger symptoms. 

Field Doctor is our solution – home delivered low FODMAP frozen meals that are delicious, nutritious, planet friendly and the perfect back up for days when you don’t want to cook. With our meals, we hope we can help people with IBS fall in love with food again.

Why did you choose the name ‘Field Doctor’? 

The name "field doctor" stems from our belief that the right food can support both better health for your body and our planet. We source whole food goodness from fields to boost your health whilst we support better farming practices that restore goodness to UK fields.

How do you apply your skills as a dietitian?

As a dietitian it is important to me that everything we do at Field Doctor is based on credible science, so you know you are getting the right nutrition based on expert advice and guidance. Our meals are full of good fats, whole grains, good quality proteins, key vitamins and minerals, lots of colourful vegetables, plant and fibre diversity for good gut health and phytonutrients. 

Tell us more about how your meals are made.

Matt and I work together to select low FODMAP ingredients that have good nutritional properties and health benefits, then craft them into delicious, nutritionally balanced meals which are then assessed by the team at Monash.

A lot of Matt’s cooking incorporates Mediterranean cooking principles – lots of extra virgin olive oil, nuts and seeds, vegetables. Many of our recipes use the sofrito method – the idea of cooking vegetables down in olive oil over a longer time. It’s labour intensive but results in a depth of flavour and nutrition studies shows it has lots of health benefits too. We keep salt down by using umami flavours. 

How are your meals planet friendly?

Where our ingredients come from matters. We are passionate about sustainability, and healthy soil. By supporting suppliers that farm sustainably we want to be a true ‘field doctor’. Our meals are plant heavy, frozen to reduce food waste, our packaging biodegradable or recyclable and delivery carbon neutral.

Our range of meals are flexitarian, and in the meals where we use meat we always know where it comes from. It’s either organic, free-range or sustainably sourced and without antibiotics. 

What has the feedback been like since you launched?

The response has been fantastic. We get daily emails from customers telling us that the meals have helped them with their symptoms and support them on their low FODMAP journey when they don’t feel like cooking. A few people have said they finally felt brave enough, with our meals, to try the low FODMAP diet after years of false starts and failed attempts.  

Can you share some of the feedback?

Here are a few quotes from our customers:

“Low FODMAP Dream. Tasty ready meals without any hidden nasties for my awkward gut. Almost too good to be true?!”

“The meals are delicious! Finally a ready meal that’s Low FODMAP. I work long hours as a Paramedic and these meals are a lifesaver. Delivered on time and well packaged!”

“Fabulous range of healthy low FODMAP meals to take the stress out of cooking when new to the strict low FODMAP programme and after a busy day at work.”

How many meals are in your range?

There are 8 meals in our low FODMAP range, including Aromatic Chicken Tagine, Sweet Potato Korma, Potato Topped Chicken Pie and my favourites are Goan Fish Curry and Red Pesto Penne. We are currently working on more low FODMAP meals to add to our range over the next few months. We have an additional 11 meals, that are not low FODMAP, but crafted to boost energy, support the immune system, promote heart health, mental wellness or bone health. 

Are you doing anything to support IBS Awareness month in April?

In April we want to help IBS sufferers ‘fall in love with food again’. Throughout April, we will be sharing useful tips and resources online around IBS and diet. We have lined up several IBS experts for Insta Live chats. We are also supporting IBS Network and donating 10 pence for every low FODMAP meal sold in April. Please follow us on social media @fielddoctoruk for more information and updates.

Where can people find Field Doctor meals? 

For the month of April you can get 15% of Field Doctor meals with the code Monash15. You can buy Field Doctor meals on our website www.fielddoctor.co.uk and they delivered straight to your front door. We deliver to all addresses across England, Scotland and Wales. Field Doctor meals are priced from £5.95 for a single portion and £9.90 for a meal for two (Just £4.95 per portion if sharing). Minimum order is £35.00.  

This offer is valid between April 1st to April 30th 2021. Visit www.fielddoctor.co.uk for further details.

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