Drink Wholesome Makes Protein Powders For Sensitive Stomachs

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Jack - drink wholesome founder, 11 January 2024

We are excited to welcome Drink Wholesome to the Monash University low FODMAP certification program! Their certified Unflavored Protein Powder is low in FODMAPS and great for people with IBS. Read on to learn more about Drink Wholesome.

What is Drink Wholesome?

Drink Wholesome (New Hampshire, USA) is a start-up making protein powders for sensitive stomachs using a short list of simple ingredients.

Who is Drink Wholesome for?

My name is Jack, and I created Drink Wholesome in 2020 because I was sick of protein powders that upset my stomach. Using a handful of familiar ingredients, I formulated a recipe specifically for people with gut issues and sensitive stomachs.

Drink Wholesome is additive and dairy-free, and made with whole food protein sources, not heavily-processed protein concentrates or isolates. Virtually all other protein powders fail to meet at least one of these criteria, which is what makes Drink Wholesome so unique.

What makes Drink Wholesome gut-friendly?

My first certified low-FODMAP certified protein powder is my unflavored egg white protein powder. It is made with just egg whites, and undergoes less processing than any other type of protein supplement. This makes Drink Wholesome one of the most gut-friendly ways to add protein to your diet.

In fact, my happy customers have reported fewer digestive issues with my unflavored egg white protein powder than with any other type of protein supplement. If you experience bloating, diarrhea, or any other side effect from protein shakes and powders, I highly recommend giving Drink Wholesome a try.

I am in the process of certifying my other egg white protein powders. You can expect more Drink Wholesome products to be certified in early 2024.

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How can I use Drink Wholesome?

If you are looking for a protein boost without all the extra processing and added junk, look no further. My gut-friendly protein powders can be mixed with milk or water to make protein shakes, or added to smoothies, oatmeal, and other recipes.

It is also worth noting that because Unflavored Protein Powder is made from egg whites only, it does not have an unpleasant chalky aftertaste characteristic of other protein supplements. As a result, adding protein to your diet has never been more delicious.

Where can I buy Drink Wholesome?

My protein powders for sensitive stomachs are sold direct-to-consumer in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Visit www.drinkwholesome.com to learn more.

Customers can order samples, and have the option to subscribe and save 15%. Plus, all orders to the United States ship for free.

Drink Wholesome is made in the United States by a small business. It is dietitian-approved for sensitive stomachs, and has helped thousands of people achieve their wellness goals without compromising their gut health.

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