Eating out tips and tricks

reading menu at a restaurant

Dr. Jane Varney - Research Dietitian, 20 January 2020

We all love eating out from time to time, but when you’re following a low FODMAP diet it might seem all a bit too hard. But following a few simple tips can make this experience a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. Here they are:

  • Look at menus online to find restaurants / cafes with suitable low FODMAP options
  • Know your worst trigger foods and ask for these to be excluded from dishes e.g. Wheat OR garlic and onion OR Peas 
  • Order a gluten free meal that excludes your worst trigger foods
  • Choose protein based meals (fish, red meats, or poultry) served with vegetables / salad / potato / rice / rice noodles on the side rather than bread or pasta
  • Avoid heavily sauced, rich dishes (such as curries) as they are harder to modify and often contain garlic and onion as a base ingredient
  • Avoid dishes made with stock (such as soups and risottos) as they often contain garlic and onion
  • Ask for a recommendation regarding dishes that do not contain your main triggers 
  • Ask for dips, sauces and dressings to be served separately (these often contain garlic and onion) and you can choose how much if any you eat
  • Call the restaurant in advance (outside of busy hours) to give them a 'heads up' OR for more complicated requests so they have time to make adaptions for you. 

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