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FODZYME, 02 November 2023

What is FODZYME?

FODZYME is a blend of digestive enzymes specifically designed to break down the most common FODMAP triggers: fructan, GOS and lactose. FODZYME’s novel and proprietary fructan hydrolase is the only enzyme intended to target and break down the wide variety of fructans found in common foods.

Why was FODZYME started?

FODZYME’s mission is to provide relief and improve the quality of life for those with digestive distress. When, Anjie, the founder was forced to restrict herself from enjoying her favorite foods - garlic, onion, beans, chickpeas and more, she rallied up a group of world-class experts in scientific research, medicine, and nutrition to create a scientifically-backed approach aiming to break down FODMAPs

Food is so much more than just a daily source of energy. FODZYME is committed to helping everyone enjoy the social, cultural, and nutritional benefits that food and culinary exploration provide.

Who can FODZYME help?

FODZYME is designed to help those with FODMAP intolerances. FODZYME hopes to provide the peace of mind to enjoy all the social and cultural pleasures food offers.

Using FODZYME might enable those with FODMAP sensitivities to enjoy the benefits of a plant-based, high-fiber, and nutrient-rich diet and support the health of the gut microbiome.

How do those with FODMAP intolerances use FODZYME?

FODZYME is a tasteless, fine powder that gets sprinkled directly onto food. FODZYME can be used with any meal or snack that may contain the FODMAP triggers fructan, GOS and/or lactose.

FODZYME can be mixed into a dish directly, such as a bowl of pasta or smoothie, or sprinkled onto the first bite and chewed well. Both methods enable FODZYME’s digestive enzymes to come into contact directly with the FODMAPs within the foods.

How much should be used with each meal?

Both FODMAP tolerance levels and the amount of FODMAPs in a particular meal or dish vary. A single dose of FODZYME is designed to provide support based on common tolerance thresholds and average FODMAP content in food.

A single dose of FODZYME could break down up to 3g of fructan (about 6 garlic cloves' worth!).

Plus, FODZYME’s portable stick packs come with 33% more enzymatic activity to cover the most uncertain conditions while dining out.

Why is FODZYME a powder?

A powder form is core to FODZYME’s increased efficacy when compared to other formats and products. Extensive research and testing shows that mixing enzymes directly into food is the most effective way to deliver an over-the-counter carbohydrate-targeting digestive enzyme like FODZYME.

Who should NOT use FODZYME?

Those with sensitivities to only fructose or polyols do not stand to benefit from FODZYME, as the formula targets fructan, GOS and lactose. However, the team is working diligently on an enzyme that will address polyols!

Before you use any medicine, you should read the medicine label carefully, and follow all instructions. If you are unsure or have other health conditions or medications, then you should also consult a health professional.

Where can FODZYME be purchased?

FODZYME can be purchased on or Amazon in the United States, where all orders receive free shipping. FODZYME also partners with a number of International retailers.

Take 10% off any order with code MONASH10. Plus, unlock a 20% discount with a subscription and skip, pause or cancel anytime.

One serve of this product is low in FODMAPs and can assist with following the Monash University Low FODMAP Diet™. A strict low FODMAP diet should only be commenced under the supervision of a healthcare professional. Monash University has assessed this product as being low in FODMAPs only. A low FODMAP diet does not treat a disease but may help to meet nutritional needs with reduced gastrointestinal symptoms.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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