How to access Monash FODMAP courses

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1. Log in via using your email address and password


2. Look for the 'Course Dashboard' box and click the 'Access the Course' button


3. This will take you to the Learning Dashboard, known as Instructure (operated by Canvas)

4. The course(s) you have purchased should appear here


5. You can commence or resume learning by heading to 'Syllabus' or 'Modules' and selecting the relevant module

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6. You should be prompted to view the course via a new tab. The learning platform should appear as a new tab or a pop-up window


7. Troubleshooting:

  • Please ensure you access the course via the browser on a laptop, PC, tablet or mobile device. Please refrain from accessing the course via the Monash FODMAP app, as a known technical issue is yet to be resolved. We apologise for this inconvenience
  • Please ensure Javascript is enabled on your browser (Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge, previously known as Internet Explorer/Safari/Firefox) - you can find out how to do so via this link:
  • Please ensure pop-up is enabled on your browser - you can find out how to do so via the links: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge - previous Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox

Sometimes the pop-up option appears near the top of the browser, at the end of the address bar:

  • If the course(s) is/are having trouble appearing on Canvas Instructure - please try and clear cache, cookies and history via your browser.

For any further enquiries related to Monash FODMAP courses, please email

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