Introducing Good Fod Foods to Monash FODMAP Certified!

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Mark and Shelly - Founders, 03 August 2023

Introducing Oregon based family business Good Fod Foods, who are bringing you a range of Monash FODMAP Certified Beef Jerky to your snacking delight. We had the great privilege of chatting with the founders, Mark and Shelly, to understand more about their family’s passion for creating tasty low FODMAP foods.

Who are Good Fod Foods?

Good Fod Foods is a family run business, established in 2022 in the USA. The company was born from our families own struggles with sensitive stomach issues. Having experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to find variety on the low FODMAP diet, we set out to find ways to help others navigate the maze of options. We believe we can be a significant part of helping the Low FODMAP community live a better life full of variety and flavour.

What Monash FODMAP Certified products do you sell?

Our beef jerky range is Monash certified. We are so proud to have created jerky snacks rich in protein, and available in convenient and ready to go serves. Perfect for the whole family, you can take them camping, bushwalking, on picnics or even packed in lunch boxes. We are committed to the whole family having the option of living a healthy life, huge on flavour, minimal on gut symptoms.

What flavors of beef jerky are available?

We have 3 sensational certified beef jerky flavors:

  • ORIGINAL – Good Fod Original Beef Jerky has a great tasting mild flavor. It is sure to be our most popular jerky.
  • TERIYAKI - Good Fod Teriyaki Beef Jerky has just the right amount of twang to satisfy your taste buds. Using a Gluten Free soy sauce, combined with our great tasting beef recipe, we have created a great Low FODMAP flavor that is sure to satisfy.
  • PEPPERED – Good Fod Peppered Beef Jerky has just enough added pepper to give it that extra boost of flavor you are craving. Quite frankly it’s our favorite.

What makes Good Fod Foods Jerky unlike any other?

With research and creativity, we have come up with flavors we think you will love that taste great while being gut friendly. Our jerkies are a tasty high protein snack option made from 100% USA beef, and are onion and garlic free, gluten free, low sugar, and free from nitrates.

At Good Fod Foods we strive to provide delicious snacks for all! Whether you struggle with stomach issues or want a simple snack to-go, we pack a tasty punch without all the extra ingredients.

Where can Good Fod Foods Jerky be purchased?

Our Jerky is available to buy within the United States both on our website and on Amazon.

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