Testing your tolerance to untested foods

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Dr Jaci Barrett & Erin Dwyer - Research Dietitians, 11 January 2016

For those of you who have been following a low FODMAP diet for some time, we hope that you have been testing out some moderate to high FODMAP foods using our app. As you know this is an essential part of the approach, working toward the goal of the diet - to relax the diet to your level of tolerance whilst still controlling your symptoms. Find out here.

Due to the number of foods that make up our diet, particularly when we include packaged foods, there will come a time when a food you would like to include in your diet is not in the app. If it isn't in the app it means it has not yet been tested, so what can you do? Don't panic - we want you to try it! 

Testing your tolerance to foods is similar to when you reintroduce... 

  1. Wait until your symptoms are well controlled. 
  2. Start by eating a small amount of the food on day 1 e.g. 1/4 of the food or product. 
  3. Monitor your symptom response for the next 24 hours, if no major symptoms 
  4. Increase the amount eaten over the next 2 days as tolerated. E.g. 1/2 and then full serve. 
  5. Any symptoms? No - Include this food in your diet. Yes - Avoid for now, try again in future  

Remember, your low FODMAP diet only needs to be as strict as your symptoms require. If you really love a food that causes you a few manageable symptoms then don't stress too much, eat it when you want to and focus on alleviating symptoms if necessary. 

Also remember our food testing continues. You can even send us suggestions on which foods you would like tested by contacting us directly through the app or our Facebook, TwitterInstagram or email enquiry@monashfodmap.com 

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