Salad Skewers

Salad – Mealtime Saviours_b2bba633
Serves: 12
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 5 minutes

This one is great for when friends are standing around drink in one hand and only one hand free for a snack. This salad is both easy to prepare and easy to eat!! This recipe is so flexible, not a fan of blue cheese? Simply replace with another low FODMAP cheese or omit altogether. 


¼ iceberg lettuce, sliced in wedges

150 g 5.3 oz

4 rashers of bacon

120 g 4.2 oz

12 cherry tomatoes, halved

180 g 6.3 oz

12 small squares of cheese (recommend blue, brie, Camembert or cheddar)

60 g 2.1 oz


¼ medium cucumber

44 g 1.6 oz

Low fat plain yoghurt

50 g 1.8 oz

Lemon juice, to taste

¼ tsp fresh dill, finely chopped

1 g 0.03 oz

Blue cheese crumble (optional)

10 g 0.4 oz


  1. Fry the bacon rashers to your liking. 

  2. Thread the skewers with the lettuce wedge, then bacon and the cherry tomato. Top with a cheese square. 

  3. Make the dressing. Drizzle a little homemade tzatziki over the slices. I make mine by peeling an English cucumber (optional to remove the seeds). Grate and squeeze out any excess water. Mix the lactose free yoghurt, cucumber, lemon juice, dill, salt and pepper in a small bowl and mix to combine. Crumble in some blue cheese to taste.


  • Soak the skewers the night before so they won’t splinter when threading salad.  

Nutrition Information (per serve)
Energy 262 Kj / 63 cal
Protein 6.60g
Carbohydrates 1.40g
Sugar 1.40g
Total Fat 3.20g
Saturated Fat 1.30g
Fibre 0.70g
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