Marinated Tofu with Asian Greens & Rice

Marinated Tofu with Asian Greens & Rice
Serves: 2
Prep: 2 hours 5 minutes
Cook: 10 minutes

How tasty does this look? It is both vegan & vegetarian friendly too! Tofu is a great plant-based protein source as its one of the few plant-based products that is a complete protein source. Tofu comes in a vairty of textures but firm tofu works best in this recipe as it soaks up all the flavours of the marinade and holds its shape when cooked.


Firm tofu, cubed

200 g 7.1 oz

1 orange, juiced

80 g 2.8 oz

1⅓  Tbsp soy sauce

20 g 0.7 oz

2 tsp sugar

10 g 0.4 oz

2 tsp fresh ginger, minced (optional)

10 g 0.4 oz

1 tsp corn flour

3 g 0.1 oz

Cooking oil, for frying

2 cups of low FODMAP Asian greens

150 g 5.3 oz

Sesame seeds and a dash of sesame oil, to garnish


  1. Mix the orange juice, soy sauce, sugar and ginger in a container and add the cubed tofu. Place in the fridge to marinate for at least 2 hours (but not more than 12 hours). 

  2. When you’re ready to cook the tofu, remove it from the marinade using a slotted spoon.  

  3. Heat the oil in a frying pan or wok over high heat and add the tofu cubes. Fry until golden brown. 

  4. Add the corn flour to the reserved marinade liquid and stir it with a fork to dissolve the corn flour. Add it to the frying pan or wok, and continue cooking until the marinade creates a sauce. Add the greens and cook over high heat, stirring, until the greens are wilted. 

  5. Serve with rice and garnish with some sesame seeds (approximately 1 tsp per bowl) and a few drops of sesame oil for extra flavour. 


Don't forget to check the Monash University Low FODMAP diet app for details of serving sizes and suggestions for low FODMAP vegetables!

Nutrition Information (per serve)
Energy 1313 Kj / 314 cal
Protein 16.20g
Carbohydrates 10.00g
Sugar 8.90g
Total Fat 21.40g
Saturated Fat 2.30g
Fibre 10.70g
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